Crushed Stone and Gravel Products

Our crushed stone, gravel and other aggregates begin as natural stones which are then processed by crushing and sorting by size. (Note that the terms crushed stone, crushed gravel, washed gravel and washed stone are often used interchangeably in the industry.)

Unlike natural round stone, crushed gravel provides more permanent voids to promote good drainage and retard insect and plant growth. Crushed gravel is best used for drainage under foundation walls, sidewalks and stone patios, as well as for fill around and under leaching beds, landscaping, and for stone driveways. Once installed and rolled or tamped it resists settling.

Crushed Stone sizes available are:

3/8″     Washed Crushed  Stone

3/4″     Double Washed Crushed Stone

1-1/2″  Washed Crushed Stone

1-1/2″  Double Washed Stone

3/8″     Washed Natural Round Stone
1/2″     Washed Natural Round Stone
3/4″     Washed Natural Round Stone