Your source for delivered loam and fill products.

If you request, we will not only deliver but we can also excavate and install the product on your property to your specifications.

As a local company that has been serving our community for many years, Lagassecompanies stands on its reputation for quality and service at a reasonable price.

Below are some of our more popular items. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please check our Materials and Services Brochure or call us at 978-448-9500.

Unscreened Loam

Unscreened loam can be used as a base under lawns. To build up or smooth an area, you can save cost by using unscreened loam under screened loam. Unscreened loam can also be installed and graded prior to installing sod, although it would be preferable to use screened loam for this application.

Clean Fill

Our clean fill is used for back-filling foundations, filling interior of foundations and filling low areas. It consists of gravel, sand, clay and stones but not bricks, concrete or asphalt.

Quality Screened Loam

Do you need loam for a landscaping project? We have top quality, clean, screened loam ready to be delivered to your home or job site.

Beware of loam at a low price. Cheap loam may include composted horse manure and other materials to reduce the cost. While some compost is fine for growing vegetables, it’s less than ideal for lawns and other applications.

Our product is real, unadulterated screened loam, sourced locally to reduce transportation costs. We deliver it where you need it and can install it for you as well if you need us to.

We also offer unscreened loam for use as a base under lawns.